Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Graveyard of Dreams

It is that pitch dark time of the night,
Dreams control the hero, sleeping tight
Dreams:::: wet <–> wild <–> blasphemy,
<->Morphed <–> vague< -> originality

But there is always a dream killer,
He lurks everywhere, surreptitious,
Here he comes, terrifying under
The garb of reality, tears ‘em asunder

Addictive =~~ power of the moment,
However, bewarned the churn and ferment,
Dreams can be a crazy scary fuel,
Will the hero die in the eternal duel?

The dream killer sets up his henchmen,
They hunt hard, Oh some do get away,
But hey just another one just fell prey ::(

It is yet another casualty
A dream turned sour and salty
Consigned forever, stifled screams
To the Graveyard of Dreams

1 comment:

Shankar said...

the poem about dreams cuz it was martin luther king jr 's birthday this monday????? :P

btw, i had a dream inside a dream inside a dream same day .... coincidence?

why pessimistic poem about dreams? some of them do not go to graveyard.