Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recent Notings on Tamil Heroines

(Warning: The links are all YouTube videos of movie songs. Nothing objectionable really, but some of them may be classified as Not Suitable For Work - NSFW)

Saw "Billa" in PVR cinemas on Saturday. The movie did not feel like a tamil film at all. I personally enjoyed the film. No thinking. Just ogling. Nayanthara is smashing in the movie! Orey the babehood only, she has attained! (Whattay swimming pool entrance, whattay tattoo...) I think she can write a book. "From Homely Figure to Smashing Babe: 7 Easy Steps" (Why 7? It already has some marketing value you see) I think it has been a gradual change from the Chandramukhi Nayanthara. She tried something in Ghajini which umm... less said the better! Also, I think they should have utilized Namitha better. (Honest. No pun intended!) The whole gangster moll is a very powerfully titillating role and merely portraying Namitha as a jealous doll really loses out on a world of opportunity. The potential!

As for the movie itself, it is entertaining. See, I really get pained by the holier-than-thou pricks who look for logic in a movie. A movie is an experience in sensory gratification and that this movie was. So high marks in my book.

The production values in Tamil cinema are shooting through the sky. I really loved the picturisation in the June Ponaal song. Another song which I see frequently in the music channels is this remix from Polladhavan featuring YogiB. One part of me wants to condemn these remixes while another part really enjoys it! This movie is even more mindless and fundaless than Billa, chronicling a guy's love for his bike. (It is a good subject on the face of it...) Frankly, it reeks of unnatural matrimony if you ask me! Does not help at all that the hero is Dhanush. A request: All those who message on SunMusic with pearls of wisdom like: "Dhanush is the thala" and "Dhanush rocks", kindly explain why you like so. But the saving grace of this movie is this cute li'l number called Ramya. Apparently, she is some star in the Kannada film industry. Her face is typically Kannadiga, I feel. What does that mean? See... this is hard to explain, but I am sure you get my point. Don't you see some people on the road and think this person has to be Tam or Bong? The face structure composed of distinct jaws, smile, nose etc. I have seen similar face structure during my ahem... observations in Bangalore. Ergo the statement. More importantly, she is quite well endowed.

At this point, many readers may scoff and point out that my blog represents the typical prelidiction of South Indian men to buxom women. First of all this is a doubtful assertion, solely based on the popularity of Khushboo. For example, Shriya is perfect and I have always held Trisha is almost anorexic. Sadha is just right I guess, and may I remind you of Ileana, full of the Goodness of Goa? And even if there is such a prelidiction, so what? In my limited sample space, women with perfect figures are practically Hitlers when it comes to their and their loved ones' personal fitness. The types who point out how unhealthy it is when you are just about to bite into that luscious piece of cake. If you did eat the cake inspite of that, these women do not just spank you (This was never a family blog!) but make you go the gym or some other such horrible place! Not to mention the constant insecurity. Aha... now that hourglass babe does not seem so desirable, does she. The price of perfection. Enjoy and Let Enjoy should be the motto!

As I mentioned earlier, Shriya is perfect figure wise. But I am not a fan of her smile. She has this way of smiling, more like curving her lips, which sometimes looks enigmatic and alluring and at most other times, slutty. Shreya only has lips and since I am not a lip aficianado, I am not her fan. Asin usually rates highest in my book. But I have a crib about her name. (I have to have a crib!) Apparently, her name is derived from appending the Sanskrit a- suffix to the english word 'sin' thus rendering it the opposite - Asin - meaning pure and sinless. Not only that, the name symbolizes the modern Indian who is a combination of West and East it seems! (Source) Kizhinjidhu Po! What kind of a ^%&$# pseud-putting attempt is this!!!

Asin trumps Shriya on the smile criterion. However, Nayanthara is my current Hot Favourite. That reminds me. The structure of our industry is such that women stars come and go as "Flavours of the Month". Jyothika was once at the top and now I haven't seen her in a while. Maybe it is conjugal bliss, maybe she is just waiting for the right script to come along. I have this sneaking suspicion that Nayanthara is approaching hers. I blame it on her overeagerness to play the Babe card. Even Shriya is more than ready to flaunt her assets. While this may lead to a temporary peak, I think it just accelerates the decline. Why? For one, it shows desperation. Then, when you expose so much, only that much can be left for the imagination! The cinema goer is ready to be "stimulated" in this fashion but he gets bored easily also. For example, is Mallika Sherawat even hot cinema property anymore? And how much ever an ice maiden Aishwarya Rai may be, I am sure you would give your right arm to be the Knight if ever she was a damsel in distress. Interestingly, the cribs I have outlines above would qualify as marketing problems for the cinema stars. (Marketing kicks can just keep on spotting marketing applications!)

That way in Tamil movies, in recent past, the Queen would be Simran. I think she went out while still on top of her game. She looked smashing in that vague role in New as well as that meaty role she essayed most competently in Kannathil Muthamittaal.

I thought that this girl called Samiksha was smashing in the movie "Arinthum Ariyamalum". Haven't seen her in too many movies, since then. Ah well... at the end of the day, I hope this performance by Nayanthara leads to a Babe Wars in Tamil movies. Hail competition, Power to the consumer :P


Naresh said...

someone once said "trust middler to come up with a market analysis and an insgihtful gyan into anything under the sun including undies"
there you go middler!
Babe analysis... nice read.

disagree on Billa. however stylish it might have been, the only reason i sat thru it was Nayanthara. (Drool max. Heart attack material!) Clearly Ajith lacks the level of AB, Thala or SRK to pull of such a script.
Dissecting the jawline, lips, bust etc of heroines is just oru level!

What did you find so good about Samiksha? there's something wrong with her facial "structure". her squint eyes? her crooked nose? cant put my finger on it... (wish she would let me though.)

themiddler said...

"trust middler to come up with a market analysis and an insgihtful gyan into anything under the sun including undies"

haha... thanks. Will take that as a compliment. Agreer on the Ajith part, he lacks something in terms of the Don chutzpah.

"cant put my finger on it... (wish she would let me though.)"... that is my desire too friend! :D

Ajit said...

dei paavi..i disagree! nayanthara was looking SAD in the movie.. well she looks hot when she's sparingly clothed.. but otherwise, her face is so.. disgusting da!.. couldn't stand seeing her.. she isn't pretty/cute or anything.. she looks slutty.. thats all

T said...

machi!! kalakaal post po! but total vetti max to write such a analysis interspersed with youtube links(i guess to familiarise non-tam junta)

You are slowly diversifying your blog topics!

Liked it and yes,Nayan is not so hot as Simran! She is gonna back..dont worry :D

Syrup said...

No, a porn movie is solely for sensory (and other forms of) gratification. And come on, this is the third movie with this exact plot and the fourth if you include slight variations. It would've been nicer if there'd been at least a blowjob.

bharath said...

such a long post! :O

tam movies da. they dont deserve so much of attention in laif.

themiddler said...


dei dei... I go with bhaju on the fact that she was drool max. And TNR for you to claim that face is 'disgusting'. I guess we have to agree to disagree.

themiddler said...

@ t

Haha.. thanks. Yes I am trying to "diversify" my posts. Got bored of writing my own blogs!

btw, who are you?

themiddler said...


hey... a porn movie is also a movie. My point is that the superset of movies are meant to be for sensory gratification.

And sligh... bikiniyey oru puratchi namba oorla... other chee chee matters and all no chance. As it is, I am bored with those things anyway.

And second time I am asking this, Who are you? I don't recall a syrup. (Blame it on the MBA life!)

themiddler said...


Don't be such a carnatic music, filter kaapi swilling elitist da! This is the culture of the masses you see...

shrinivaz said...

agree totally...orey on star9 dhaan..must give it to you in-depth analysis

Shriyakku azhagu aval udhadugal..trisha azhagu kannukkey theriyama ava "dhattunoondu" kanngal...and paavam Asin, Asingapaduthittiye...

no comments on Rose Dawn ?? Sol edhaavadhu sol...

dushy said...

Am reading ur blog for the 1st time man.
Good style.
With regards to ur post,'Billa' was pathetic.Leave alone it being a non-sense,it was not even worth-a-watch.And actresses.Not sure.It depends on who-gets-u-aroused-measurometer.That way I feel Trisha or Shreya are hot.

themiddler said...



Who-gets-you-aroused-measureometer huh? tut tut... such objectification :P

Anyway, yeah, that's my point as well. And you would think Nayanthara fits the bill, but sigh...

Also, nice to have you here. Do drop by often :)

Guthi said...

Hi! No comments on the Billa babe's beauty. But you ought to watch Priyanka Chopra in the hindi movie Don, make a comparison and put another post on it. :-)

Anand said...

Put post about babes and look at the number of comments you get! That too some spree you're on.
Shreya is just BENDY maax... Samiksha kku Kalyanam aidchu pa, settle aaita avo

Czar said...

Now that is a brilliaaant post I syay.

Kaushik said...

Good analysis, fairly true, going by today's junta's likes. And btw, Ramya, in case u dint know, is SM Krishna's grand-daughter :P.
And there's one new girl you haven't 'analysed' [;)], and she's my new-found sweetheart after 7 long years. You mite want to check my blog da. [:P]

Escape.... Great Escape said...

if Asin had been east Asian, her second name could have been Gam.

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