Monday, January 07, 2008

Prisoner of Dilemmas - The Poem

(Should have ideally written this poem with this post)

It is the start of a new term
Despite all the resolutions firm
I know how it is gonna go
It is the same ol’ story, same bore

The new term always dawns bright,
‘Cos first month doesn’t require fight.
Then the tests and submissions start
The enthu drops by a quite a lot.

Why the bother, why the care,
Why all this hoopla on being fair.
Just give me a random number please,
Hey, I just want to lead a life of peace.

Oh yes, they have done it cleverly,
Just so you don’t give up easily,
Just in case, you don’t give a damn for CG,
You are caught by the balls because of RG.

In the Background a voice whispers

He is a Prisoner of Dilemma, Stuck in the rat race
Could have opted out but chose to save face

I don’t mind working hard, thinking deep,
Just do not spoil my beauty sleep.
It is like getting hammered again and again,
After a point, must learn to enjoy the pain.

Welcome to the Machine, Step This Way,
You should have thought hard, now pay.
Look at that sedative, the old textbook,
Haha sucker - you are never off the hook.

He is a Prisoner of Dilemma, Stuck in the rat race
Could have opted out but chose to save face

I know, I know. I have been cribbing too much in the past few posts. But they were mostly "Staying in" posts. It is like I suddenly lost my enthusiasm to blog. So just made a few posts to stay in the game. But seriously, feeling stuck in a rut. The rut of being in highly competitive systems that measure intelligence through examinations. (Are there any other?) Please God, I have done that enough! I still like the adulation of "winning something" and I don't mind working in projects and actually enjoy those that I choose to do. But I think I would like a different kind of challenge. What is it? How will it come? No idea. Guess I need to create my own challenge. Until then, Boredom and Restlessness. Boring: "Having been there, done that. Played the game till now by the rules and it is so boring. Now What." Restlessness: I feel I can be doing better things, painting a broader canvas than going through this mindless monotony. Whatever... I feel strangely divorced from my environment. It is like... watching people act out a play. Interesting in spurts.


Maddy said...

Now you've gone and gotten me all depressed. I was all enthu for cracking this term :(

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