Monday, February 11, 2008

"Oh No What Now!" PPTosis

For the past few days, I have either been seeing or making many many PPTs. Making PPTs has become such a monotonous and bugging process. The irritating aspect is that there appears to be a fixed component of time (like a fixed cost) to making a PPT. However few slides the PPT contains, you can never finish a half decent PPT in less than an hour!

One reason could be psychological. When you have a small PPT, you tend to think that there is lesser material. So you want to make up by "pseudifying" it.

Either way, I have come to a stage where I suffer from "PPTosis" or PPT fatigue. Irrespective of how good a presentation is, I just switch off when I see that PPT format. It is like a Pavlovian response.

See PPT -> "It must be globe (fart)" -> Mind wanders.

(P.S: Obviously, I am not a cartoonist. But it drives the point just as well.)


BoFi said...

Case in point- Use of 'retardedness' in cartoons :P

Czar said...

Good attempt at the cartoon.
And I am getting more convinced about the fact that your graphs would possibly win an award if one existed for the true practicality of such studies and figures. :)

Had you been in Mech here, you would have given up by 5th sem. :P

See you soon in Bangalore...
The time is coming to puts. :D

Czar said...

By the way, Saarang is over!
Time for change in HOT HOT HOT on your blog.

themiddler said...


erm...gulp... Now that I think, that was part of the plan!

long time... how's the grad life coming along?

themiddler said...


ah yes! I too want to sign up for MB3!!!

As far as giving up goes... there can be a whole theory in itself!

themiddler said...


Thanks for the point. Will change it... damn the unpredictable net connection here! Signing in to blogger can be such a pain!!

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