Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random "Art"

I was thinking of this whole band name business. It appears that barring a few cases, the "secret" really is to string random words together which also sound "cool" because of the sheer random associations the words create. I thought of Blue Whiskey Friday and Absinthe Tears. Here are some images to complement that which I made using IrfanView. Nice time pass it was.

If you are really feeling lazy and in the mood to do something creative, this is a "game" I would suggest. String random words together and try making an image for it. My efforts:




Mohan K.V said...

LOL, somehow this reminds me your Jakob Theigissi experiment :-) I've written down that line you put about it somewhere, "struggle between inherent internal chaos and societal requirement for order and conformity"

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