Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Snowy Afternoon

I woke up today at 2 in the afternoon and it already felt as if the sun had set. I got up and groggily opened the blinds to my window to be greeted by the following view.

A better view from the window in the common area:

(The blurred image is not due to any of my mistake, the visibility was quite poor. Of course, this is just the beginning and it only gets heavier.)

It was snowing heavily! I usually do not get excited by this, but somehow the presence of snow and the layer of white on everything adds a very different kind of beauty to the whole environment. The whiteness everywhere sets a background against which anything coloirful stands out by contrast. It is as if the whiteness accentuates the little colour that is there. I am looking forward to the view in the night. The light reflecting off the snow seems to make the night brighter!The snow seems to have a "calming effect" on nature and everything grinds to a halt. It is the time of the year when the trees are dead, bereft of leaves.

The leaf-less trees reminded me of a story by O.Henry called the Last Leaf. (Actually Maro reminded me of the story in Amsterdam) I think this story was there in the CBSE English textbook. (It can be read here) The story is about two people, a sick girl and an old painter. The sick girl believes she is about to die and her time would come when the last leaf falls off a tree. The old painter, tired of his mediocre commercial efforts, is still in search of his magnum opus. Obviously, the two characters are connected by the leaf and read the story to find out how. It has a really nice twist.

Anyway, the best thing to do in this weather is to curl up in bed, drink something hot and just watch a lot of movies. This is God telling us humans to pack up and hibernate. Amen to that!

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