Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Resource for learning HTML

I am embarrassed to admit this, but I really did not know HTML coding until yesterday! It is so cold to step outside, I get out only when I have to. Gone are the days of walking by Helsinki's port, or the walks to Hietsu beach.

As a result of being confined inside and the absence of a TV and the presence of an awesome wifi connection, I spend an inordinate amount of time on the internet. I came across this site by Dave Raggett. You can find info about the author here.

The following pages give you a quick guide to coding up a half decent website. He has divided it into Basics, Advanced and Adding a Touch of Style. It took me around 3.5-4 hrs to do the whole thing. But that it is because I took lots of breaks in between which in turn is because I hate reading off the laptop screen. If you have always wanted to do HTML, but haven't, this is really a quick get to work kind of a guide.

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