Saturday, November 22, 2008

Carnatic Music Primer

Last term I had taken a course called Tracking Creative Boundaries. During the course, the professor mailed us an excellent primer to understand the technical aspects of carnatic music. Like always, I did not read it during the course. (sigh... a bit of discipline is all I ask for :P)

This is a classic guide for dummies. The biggest stumbling block for many a beginner interested in classical music is the forbidding jargon employed by aficionados. As a general rule in life, I am suspicious of people who use too much jargon and I have always harboured a suspicion that most people who "ooh aah" about carnatic music may not really be that good as a beginner may think. (A bit more discipline and a little less cynicism... the list grows!)

Anyway, the treatment (if one can use that word) in these 4 parts is accessible, yet sufficiently technical. Most importantly, the language is easy to understand. I have read the first part so far and I have found the analogies very useful to get a basic picture. Enough talk! The links can be accessed here.

I really liked this, so at the risk of repeating myself, if you have always wanted to know something about carnatic music (or even just about music) but was scared to look like a dumbass, you just have to read these pages.

P.S: These are pretty long HTML pages. One easy way would be to ctrl-A, ctrl-C, ctrl-V on to a word file. It is unlikely you would read it in one sitting. I found it easier to keep track of where I was.

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