Sunday, May 13, 2007

Because We Got High

A song written at the height of The Investigation into the incidents on the Night of April 9th, 2007. :P

Lyrics: Sanjay, Popa and Middle

Based on Afroman's 'Because I got High'. Please watch the song first if you haven't seen it before. (Sanjay did a good job of fitting in the lyrics so enhance your reading experience by listening to the original first.)

I was a muggu boy before I got high
I used to go to class before I got high
I've watched every movie on LAN, you know why
Because I got high (3X times)

I was gonna do my btp* but I got high,
I was gonna meet my prof but then I got high
Now I have an extension and I know why
Because I got high (3X times)

I was gonna buy the booze but I got high
I got bottles in my room, after I got high
Now I got a letter and I know why
Because I got high (3X times)

I was gonna meet the Bean until I got high
I coulda lied and gotten away but I got high
I am now doin’ service and you know why
Because I got high (3X times)

I couldn’t sit on the chair because I got high
But it was broken already someone was high
Gundu is with ol’ Bean now you know why
Because he got high (3X times)

It was 2 o clock in the nite when I got high
But the dance was still goin’ on, the DJ was high
Now I am at the D.I.S.C.O and you know why
Because I got high (3X times)

We tried to lie too much because we got high
But he knows everything that we were high
The Bean knows more than us and we know why
The Snake was high (3X times)

We went to other hostel nights and junta were high
But they weren’t confessing cause they were high
Now they are next on Bean’s list and you know why
Because they got high (3X times)

I hope to pass out now, cause I m not high
I hope to get my VISA, cause I m not high
I ve stopped touching alcohol, you know why
Because I can fly (3X times)

(The Single releasing to a website near you. Watch this space!)

Moral of the Story: Naanga Adangavey Maatom!

*btp = B.Tech Project (FYI)


Ashish said...

Awesome!!! The last para is just the crack (pun intended)!

themiddler said...

You got that!!
Phew... thanks!

Nomen oblitum said...

lol dude ! yeah we can fly!

y dun u make a vid out of this, dedicate it to bean. i guess u owe it to the high-er-community.


anand(tharamani) said...

Awesome da... Gets the mood right.. how long did it take to write this poem? btw, where did you people do community service?

P.S.- Last para - :D

IDR said...

awesome song

Ajit said...

hehe.. stud ending machi..

bharath said...


Ajit said...

new post please, mr. vetty middle..

themiddler said...


Agree on the vettiness. But I have also been plagued by "wettiness".

Anyway, have taken heed. Thanks :)