Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Absolut ChemE

This is more for ChemE junta. A little amateur doodle that I did based on the famous Absolut ads. The Absolut bottle here is supposed to be a CSTR and all that. (The drawing indicates "raw" talent you see :P)

You can browse through a collection of Absolut ads here. If there was a timepass rating scale, this site would get 5 stars or 10/10.


shrinivaz said...

awesome da :-)

themiddler said...


Thanks da! This is one feedback I would remember!

I thought the drawing in itself was crude, but it is the thought you see! :)

Dharik said...

I am impressed...K K will proud of you da :)

Ajit said...

Why does the Stirrer look like an umbrella? :)

themiddler said...


Awww! Thanks :)


Hey that is a standard way to "dress" the stirrer. See they even sell it on the net

themiddler said...

Google for "Cocktail umbrellas"