Monday, January 15, 2007

The Alcohol Man

Shots rang through the cold winter air,
The General mused on his old wicker chair,
That fateful night in the middle of June,
When he had first heard that plaintive tune.

“He’s an Alcohol Man,
Trudging an Alcohol life,
Living an Alcohol dream,
Blood in his Alcohol stream”

The General was hopelessly lost,
Dying in a desert night-frost,
The song from a distant inn,
Set him towards the source seeking.

The veiled singer’s figure was perfection,*
He was a helpless prisoner of seduction,
To discern her concealed visage,
He willfully entered the mirage.

There was the Alcohol Man,
Lurking behind an Alcohol veil,
Waiting for his Alcohol prey,
To fall into his Alcohol snare.

“Step in for the initiation,
This will be your best decision
Millions before have made the trip”
She whispered in a lissome lisp.

The faceless waiter plonked down,
The welcome drink, for a crown,
The General unbuttoned his old parka,
He said,” Waiter, there is a mosquito in my vodka”.

The waiter replied, “These lamps show life in a jaundiced light,
In reality, there is no wrong or right,
The Alcohol Man should never be refused,
He will save you from being confused.”

He is the Alcohol Man,
Takes you in his Alcohol van,
Past the Alcohol gates,
Into the world of Alcohol ways.

You ain’t got no demands or liability here,
No fuckin’ insurance, no fuckin’ career.
The General found himself in a floating bliss,
Slowly slipping into the alcoholic abyss.

Now he was the Alcohol man,
Marching the Alcohol band,
Living the Alcohol dream,
Blood in his Alcohol stream.

Shots rang through the cold winter air… :)

*By “perfection… and …seduction” I refer to the Smirnoff bottle. :)


crumpledbrownbag said...

“These lamps show life in a jaundiced light" :)

woman=bombay sapphire w/ footnote and all..too much :P

Keep at it, i mean the poems ;)

Ashish said...

Wow! Really nice...

themiddler said...

@crumpled brown bag

:) Will keepn only at poem writing!



Anand said...

Haaa... Mosquito in Vodka, personal experience :P

Arun 'Randi' said...

niche try da i am gonna read such a huge poem and comment :D

themiddler said...

@ Anand

Shhh... this is purely an imaginary piece ;)



Naresh said...

the alcohol man!
self parodyaaa?!

nice poem. sli stick to such short pieces. hajjaar tough to read the really really long ones.
that should explain my absence in your blog.

themiddler said...


Thanks man! Will do. Very useful feedback! :)