Saturday, May 09, 2009


I came across this link via Balaji's GTalk status message. It was a TED talk on "wearable technology". Some of the stuff is just downright cool. In one of the demos the user projects a call pad onto his palm, using something that looks like a holographic level thing and uses that to call a number. Very "Beam Me Up Scottie" only! While it is cool and all that, I am personally not one for revolutionary changes. I like my changes to occur gradually. I used to be anti-gadgets once, so admitting this is my first step :P But it is definitely something to watch out for. The video below shows the talk on Wearable Technology.

I also stumbled across this video regarding a different user interface called bumptop.

Bumptop can be downloaded here. As the speaker says in the video, the premise of bumptop is to make your computer desktop more like your real desktop, which is cluttered and clumsy. However, the cluttered and clumsy layout conveys information. For example, a bigger pile of something could mean work you are putting off to handle in one time. Or the physical location of the piles on the desk conveys information.

Overall, I really liked it. Found the user interface very intuitive as well. Basically, loved that you could stick pictures and stuff on the wall. You can make a pile of files and throw in a folder as well, just like in the real world.

Check out my "bumptop"ped desktop:

A disclaimer here: Yeah yeah, I am sure there is something in some version of Linux which is either cooler or negates the need for a desktop in the first place. For all I know, there could be some OS which is not only more efficient, it can also cook food and clean the kitchen. But as I have said earlier, one step at a time for me.


Kokonad said...

I had checked out Pranav Mistry's thing a while back - but this bumptop thing's pretty funky! Heh heh...
(btw, NFS Hot Pursuit 2? STILL? :P)
One more thing I loved about this is that they are both Indians!

themiddler said...


haha... there is always the risk of showing one's desktop to the world. But NFS HP is the only game I could get my hands on! :D

I must admit I felt a pang of jealousy, really cool stuff!