Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah... Rangeela

(Some parts of this post may Not Suitable For Work. I can rest easy knowing that this warning will cause more people to read it. It is just like those videos on youtube which are flagged. You may not pay attention to them if they weren't. But if they are you almost definitely end up watching it :))

Whatever may have been the lofty intentions behind the invention of the internet, one of the biggest consequences has been the infinite avenues to vettiness. Remember how the Internet was sold when it came to India, some drivel on how it was the information superhighway or something. The real reason was known to Generation X. (or Y... I always get confused) It was a porn superhighway, sowing seeds of perversion that the Indian mind had never known before. Honestly, before the internet how many of you thought the organ used for ingestion could be used for anything other than that. (Chee Cheee....)

Anyway, I digress. (As usual... humph) Coming back to the infinite avenues of vettiness, none is better than youtube. Youtube? In a world of bandwidth shortage by using Youtube for vettiness am I not cheating all those who have got on the internet in search of information! Hahaha... I know it is scary, sometimes I look out of my hedonist life!

Moreover, Scandinavia can be faulted for a few things (being perfect and boring?) but none can fault it for bandwidth. Does it not warm the cockles of your heart when you can just watch a youtube video without having to buffer it. It would also warm other parts of your anatomy when you can watch the other site starting with "you" without having to buffer it :P

One of the nice features for aiding vettiness is the related videos tab they give. I started from somewhere and landed on this. For those who are not in a position to see it, the link is a video of the song "Tanha Tanha" from Rangeela and it immediately triggered one of those nostalgic trips.

This song made my jaw drop when I first saw it and I still think it would win an award for the category "Songs Showcasing Pretty Things in Small Clothes" category. I am sure it would have ruled the Superhit Muqabla charts. Anyway, note that it is very gracefully done and there is more a feeling of mischief than obscenity. People go gaga over this (Babuji** Zara Dheere Chalo) and the Bipasha number in that film which was supposed to be a remake of Othello, but I don't know.
As far as the song goes, obviously Rehman killed it and Asha Bhonsle's dusky voice has just the right lilt to enchant you, but it is really the beach, Urmila and her perfect legs that makes the song what it is.

The opening sequence is the stuff dreams are made of. (Not the soul uplifting variety of dreams but... ok ok, it is getting boring, I get it!) Urmila Mataondkar running down the beach, her hair flailing freely in the wind, dressed in a white underthing gives a sense of freedom, liberation but most importantly the pleasure of seeing a hot girl run in skimpy clothes. Of course, we are Indians so no bikinis! But this song has been so well shot that you don't miss the bikini! Sigh... life!

My last blog post was a weepy whiny one on the meaning of life. Who needs that when Urmila tops Tanha Tanha in the same film with this yummy number. She looks "...saucier than a direct hit on a Heinz factory". Amen to that.

** Talking of Babuji, curiously that is how the bouncers in Roppongi Tokyo used to solicit Indian looking people. (me at least) More curiously, almost all the bouncers from Shinjuku to Roppongi were swarthy Africans and it can be kind of intimidating when such a guy calls out to a scrawny-almost-pure-vegetarian like yours truly. "Babuji, wanna have a good time" was the sales pitch with the bro twang and the perfectly white teeth. See, that is what gets my goat. Whatever happens I can never get my teeth as white as them Africans. Life can be unfair!


popa said...

i remember rangeela came out in 1995... I went and saw the movie with my friends... without the knowledge of my mom :)... what was to follow one can imagine

Makam said...

and I was made to stay at home when my parents went and watched it! :|

Abhinav said...

Hey that is one of my favorites , urmilla rocks in the song

Brat said...

Never liked Urmila too much! Always preferred Raveena Tandon, among the 90s Bolloywood heroines! :D

Desba said...

Very true... I never got to see the video coz it was not advised for children... otha, finally when I saw it it blew my mind away... and something became longer and stronger... the Complan way :)