Sunday, August 19, 2007

A perverted desire?

I have always wanted to do something like this. But a real opportunity presented itself recently.

In one of my Mid Term exams, I started writing the last question, came to the end of the first Answer Booklet and then realized I would need to borrow a four-page-foolscap-paper supplement sheet just for writing 2-3 lines and a small diagram. However, the diagram was quite necessary. I usually try to plan my last answer such that this kind of a thing does not happen. This time I forgot that I was writing the last question.

I was then seized by a very very strong urge to scribble in the margin: "I have a truly complete solution to this but the margin is too small to hold it" and walk out of the room! Man, the sheer pseud value!

But of course I didn't do it. Now it is one more thing in my "To-Do" list. (sigh!)


aniket said...

hey you should have done that! it would have been hilarious!!

Vijay Shankar said...

And maybe somebody would have offered a 1 Million dollar prize money too!

Karthik/SK/wimpy/SKimpy said...

boy, you are still young

wait till you come to 5th term. after that you can do all this and more!

Czar said...

Daimn... :P

Vivek said...

u have a chance tomorrow aint it? ;)