Saturday, April 21, 2007

It is All About Interpretation

This famous piece of modern art is attributed to an amateur painter, Jakob Theigissi. Jakob Theigissi was supposed to be an obscure director of pornography. Despite his excellence in the "Lower" arts he really thirsted for recognition at a higher plane. This piece in his own words represents the "... storm and confusion of youth. The inability of the young to focus, you start on something but get derailed..."

My interpretation: It seems as if the painter couldn't control his movements. Therefore, this painting represents the uncontrollable madness, the struggle between inherent internal chaos and societal requirement for order and conformity.

What is yours?


Chinnu said...

When you buy a new ball-point pen, what do you do? You draw a perfect electrocardiogram on a piece of paper to check if it writes.
Theigissi, to me, appears to have checked his new brushes dipped in two different paint shades.

Ajit said...

I think the painter was drunk. He couldn't control his movements henceforth.

Anand said...

I think your new template is a crack. And so was the painter, in the non-IITM sense of the word :P

themiddler said...


Haha... nice one.


Namba budhiya maarthavey mudiyaathu!


Thanks for the Template. Ditto on the painter :)

Basically, Jakob Theighissi re-arranges to 'This is a bog joke'. :P

Slisha should have worked harder. Really doubt if any of the quiz boys fell for it!

Chintu said...

I think he was holding a brush while he was having sex, and whatever came out of that, the result of it is this piece of art

Mohan K.V said...

But seriously, 'struggle between inherent internal chaos and societal requirement for order and conformity', is PHENOMENAL! ROFLMAO!!!

themiddler said...


Thanks... it did take some effort :)

themiddler said...


nice thought. But why would anyone want to paint while doing 'it'?!

Karl Marx said...

he wasn't painting da, he was just holding the brush, he 'made love' and at the end of it, lo behold, there goes a piece ofart (o-fart or of-art) is your interpretation