Sunday, August 20, 2006

Put Intro

Ah, the mandatory intro!

(The Scene: A fresher stands at the gate to the mystical blog world. His hands are sweaty as he completes the formailities to get inducted. But one formidable obstacle remains-The meeting with the gatekeeper. As the fresher stumbles to find him amidst the smoke, he bumps into someone.)

Me, the uncertain fresher
The Reader (TR) - a wizened old man with tired eyes, who looks at me with an "Oh-no-not-another-one" expression. He is the gate keeper to the blog world.

(TR): Who are you?

(Me):(Cough Cough) Don't you think the smoke is a bit too strong here. Actually smells like Scissors Navy Cut. Can't you turn it down a bit old chappie.

(TR): Who are you? How dare you talk to ME like that?

(Me): Oh! (Realizing that it must be the gatekeeper) I am K.N.Venkateswaran, a fourth year student of chemical engineering at IIT Madras. I did my schooling at PSBB Main/Nungambakkam, Chennai. Hobbies include reading, (trying to) swim and (a bit of) quizzing. My favorite hobby is theorizing. Have dabbled in many things so far but have never quite stuck on to anything. I like to fancy myself as one who likes to pursue something for the pursuit rather than the result ;-)

(TR): So you are just another idle fellow desperate to show to the world that you think of other things than women and alcohol. What else is new? You like to the theorize? Bah, that is what 90% of all blogs do and fail miserably at!

Tell me, which species do you belong to? - the literati, the chatterati, the dramarati or the quizzerati.

(Me): Pah! Should one necessarily conform to a group just in order to gain an identity? I just like to write. Oh and by the way, adding an 'ati' to every noun you can think of is not necessarily an intelligent thing.

(TR): Shut Up, minion! You still have not answered my question.

(Me): Well for one, I think I have my own way of theorizing and in addition, I plan to try my hand in some serious writing as well.

(TR): Bah! Humbug! You would probably write some personal experience in third person and call it fiction! Tell me this: Who do you write for?

(Me):(hesitantly) Myself... I guess

(TR): In that case why don't you just write something and look at it everyday and be happy. Why publish on blogspot?

(Me): See, that's the point. I like to write in a certain way, perhaps there are others who like that. Besides, it sounds good to hear the word 'publish'. Everytime I click that publish button I get a feeling of power!

(TR): So?

(Me):(impatiently) So, it is a bit of both... The root cause of problems is the tendency to look at the world in terms of dualities. The solution is often a combination of two seemingly opposite ideas, the accomodation of divergent views.

(TR):(chuckling) This, I gather, would be the reason for your blog's title as well.

(Me):(Grinning Sheepishly) Actually, it is a nickname but it kind of sums up my attitude quite well.

(TR): Okay, you may step in. Let the semantic diarrhoea begin!


Anand said...

you cogged my VDP, VQP classification! Well, nearly anyway :)

Put your so-far-pronounced theories up no, the 'life is a rubber-band' one among others ;)

Wilkommen to ze blog world :)

themiddler said...


Yeah, acknowledged. Must be careful about these things what with the threat of plagiarism :)

Ganesh said...

pseud start!!
btw is that the real funda behind your nick...that you take the middle path in everything?

themiddler said...


Thanks man! That is a long story. Will tell you when I meet you.

Ashish said...

Strong! And before Cool Shankin can step in with his catchphrase, let me do it first. "Welcome to the Blogosphere"